Thai White Pepper


Thai White Pepper
Powder, Corn, Coarse



What is it all about ?
Like black pepper, white pepper comes from the Piper Nigrum vine. It is harvested when ripe, washed and the pericarp removed to obtain a white seed. More subtle in taste, it is also less irritating.

Ground, crushed or granulated Thai white pepper ?
The choice of pepper type depends on your personal use :
• Ground white pepper is easily absorbed into food and does not crunch under the tooth.
• Crushed white pepper, i.e. peppercorns crushed into small pieces, releases all the pepper’s aromas.
• White peppercorns have a longer shelf life and are sometimes used whole. Most often it is freshly ground with a pepper mill to bring out its full flavour.

How to use Thai white pepper in cook ?
Like black pepper, white pepper can be used with everything: vinaigrette, vegetable dishes, purées, soups, etc.
It is mainly used in light sauces for its spiciness without changing the taste, such as white sauce for example. It goes perfectly with recipes made with mushrooms or in fish or poultry dishes.

It should be added at the end of cooking to retain its full flavour.

The virtues of Thai white pepper
The consumption of white pepper increases the secretion of hydrochloric acid, thus promoting digestion and limiting bad breath.


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Coarse, Corn, Powder

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