Pink Peppercorns




What is it about ?
Pink berries, called pink pepper or Bourbon pepper, are not part of the pepper family. These are fruits from Schinus terebinthifolius or False pepper. It is called pink pepper because it has a peppery flavor although it is sweeter and milder than traditional pepper and its seeds are almost red pink. This fruity and slightly anise-flavored spice goes well with both sweet and savory.

How to use pink pepper in cooking ?
Pink berries can be eaten raw or cooked as a spice, condiment or to season and decorate dishes. Pink pepper can be used as whole grain, coarsely crushed or even ground. When cooking, it is better to incorporate the rose berries at the end to preserve all their aromas. This spice, widely used in modern cuisine, goes perfectly with fish, foie gras, veal, green beans, cottage cheese and even goat cheese. Pink berries are found in the preparation of many sauces as well as in summer salads, especially with beets. An ingredient often found in salt mixes, pink pepper goes well with butter, olive oil or vinegar. For dessert, it is found in fruit preparations, especially pineapple and even chocolate. Its subtle fragrance perfectly aromatizes teas and herbal teas.

The virtues of pink pepper
Like most spices, pink pepper has many health benefits: anti-inflammatory, pink peppercorns are recommended to treat coughs, colds or flu. Antispasmodic, they relieve intestinal disorders, bloating, nausea. They are also popular as an essential oil to activate blood circulation and soothe the pain of osteoarthritis and rheumatism.

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