Sichuan Pepper


Sichuan Pepper




What is it all about ?
Contrary to what its name suggests, this spice is not pepper but a berry and more exactly a citrus fruit. Its name comes from its region of origin in China. Widely used in Asian cuisine, it’s very pronounced flavor is well peppery and slightly lemony. Used dried and ground, Sichuan pepper is a rare and unique spice on the palate: at first slightly spicy like pepper, it produces a slight sensation of numbness in the mouth.

How to use it ?
Sichuan pepper is traditionally used in southern Asia in sweet and savory dishes. It is part of the 5 berry’s spice blend (or 5 spices flavors) and is an essential ingredient in the preparation of spiced duck or grilled ribs. Mainly associated with meat: pork, beef, lamb, chicken… It goes very well with pork stew, scallops and duck breast. It can also accompany recipes based on pasta, rice, salads or marinades. This spice is to be used mainly at the end of cooking so as not to alter its flavor. For several years, it has been used in sweet cuisine for its lemony notes in association with chocolate mousse, fruit salads, sorbets …

The virtues of Sichuan Pepper
Sichuan pepper is used to aid digestion and fight stomach pain. Its anesthetic properties make it a natural pain reliever infused with salt water and garlic. Finally, it was used for a long time as an aphrodisiac.

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