Boloven White Peppercorns


White pepper from the Bolovens plateau



What is it about ?
From an exceptional terroir, white pepper from the Bolovens plateau has fresh and fruity aromas and a progressive spiciness on the palate. To obtain a white peppercorn, it is picked once it has reached maturity, when its color is orange-red. After being washed and stripped of its envelope, the pericarp, it is dried for a long time in the sun in order to bring out all its aromas. A very fine pepper, it is cultivated by a certified WFTO farm in Laos, based on altruism, sustainable development and organic farming. It stands out from other white peppers by its great delicacy both in terms of smell and taste and the absence of an animal touch. Its citrus notes such as tangerine, orange or even lime, its minty flavor and its progressive spiciness make it a white pepper of rare subtlety.

How to use the white pepper from the Bolovens plateau in cooking ?
The white pepper from the Bolovens plateau goes very well with seafood, fish, crustaceans, shellfish or even the accompanying sauces and mayonnaise. Thanks to its aromatic elegance, it subtly accompanies dishes of white or red meat. It is a wonderful flavoring for salads, especially seaweed salads and summer casseroles.

The virtues of white pepper from the Bolovens plateau
Its piperine composition gives it digestive properties. It works on the production of saliva to reduce acidity in the mouth and make it easier to absorb food in the stomach. White pepper from the Bolovens plateau also has anti-depressant effects by stimulating the production of endorphins.

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