Thai Black Pepper


Thai Black pepper available in three different forms :
Powder, Coarse, Corn

In tube or bag 150g



What is it all about ?
Black pepper is the fruit of the Piper Nigrum vine. It is harvested just before it is ripe and then ferments and dries to become the little black seed that is so familiar in our kitchens. Each pepper is different according to its method of cultivation, its level of ripening, its harvesting, its drying and its preparation.

It is the most widely used pepper but also the most fragrant and pungent.

Ground, crushed or granulated Thai black pepper ?
It is mainly a matter of taste and preparation :
Ground black pepper is easier to add to food and does not crunch under the tooth. 
Crushed black pepper is made up of coarsely crushed peppercorns. In this form, it reveals its full flavour.
Black peppercorns have not been processed in any way. This means that it can be stored for longer in your cupboard.

How to use Thai black pepper ?
Black pepper is used everywhere in cooking: in sauces, dressings, purées, soups, etc.
It is often associated with meat, especially red meat, and is the main ingredient in the famous pepper sauce. It is advisable to add black pepper at the last moment as it loses all its flavour when cooked for too long.
Black pepper is increasingly used in sweet dishes, subtly spicing up fruit-based desserts such as pineapple or figs.
It also flavours herbal teas and teas.

The virtues ofThai black pepper
Black pepper stimulates the taste buds, making digestion easier. It reduces acidity in the mouth and protects the teeth.
Be careful, however, to use it in moderation. In large doses or in cases of gastric fragility, it can be irritating.


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Bag 150g, Tube


Coarse, Corn, Powder

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