Ma Khaen Wild Berries




What is it about ?
A typically Laotian spice, Ma Khaen berry is a false pepper from the Zanthoxylum family with flavors of tangerine, smoked tea and a very slight spiciness. Very rich in taste, its multiple flavors stay in the mouth incredibly long, finishing with a touch of acidity. Ma Khaen Bay, also spelled Mack Khen, Mắc Khén or Mat Khen berries, also has the particularity of causing a slight sensation of numbness in the mouth.

How to use Ma Khaen berries in cooking ?
Widely used in Laotian cuisine, Ma Khaen berries are very easy to use in all ways: infused, mashed, ground, crushed and even roasted. This spice goes well with all sweet or savory dishes and even drinks. Its citrus flavor can naturally accompany all seafood: fish, scallops, shellfish. By incorporating it in small quantities in the preparation of meat, eggs, sauces, marinades, stews, soups … They will give a new dimension to your recipes. Ma Khaen berries are used in many desserts, especially those with fruits: fruit salads, pies, jams, compotes, sorbets or in all chocolate preparations. In infusion, this spice brings an incredible flavor of smoked mandarin to all your drinks.

The virtues of Ma Khaen berries
Ma Khaen berries, like all those in their family, have anti-infectious and anti-inflammatory properties, especially to reduce joint pain. They are used in some cultures as an anesthetic for mouth pain and to aid digestion. Like many spices, they are also credited with aphrodisiac properties.

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