Kampot Red Pepper


Tube of Red Kampot Pepper

Net weight 50g

Bag 150g



What is it all about ?

Kampot red pepper is an exceptional pepper cooked by the world’s greatest chefs. It is cultivated in the province of Kampot in the southwest of Cambodia with respect for ancestral traditions and nature. It is one of the only peppers to have obtained the IGP designation (PDO, Protected Designation of Origin). It is harvested at full maturity when its bark turns red. Its fragrant flavor has floral nuances as well as a strong lemon flavor. Moderately spicy, this pepper is of great aromatic complexity and reveals candied citrus flavors slightly vanilla.

How to use Red Kampot Pepper in cooking ?

Kampot red pepper accompanies white meats such as poultry and pork as well as strong meats such as game or offal which will be softened by its fruity flavors. In general, this pepper can be used in all recipes based on raw or cooked vegetables, starches, salads, marinades, dishes in sauce or even foie gras … In fruit-based desserts, the combination of its spicy and sweet taste will enhance compotes, pies or sorbets. As with black Kampot pepper, it goes very well with chocolate mousse, chocolate creams or cookies.

The virtues of Red Kampot Pepper

The virtues of Kampot red pepper Pepper has many medicinal properties thanks to its composition in piperine. It reduces intestinal pain: nausea, flatulence, constipation, bloating… and cardiovascular risks. Anti-inflammatory and antibacterial, Kampot red pepper calms sore throats and rhinitis. It is also recommended in balanced or detox recipes to help eliminate toxins.

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Bag 150g, Tube

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