Sage Ground


Ground sage from France



What is it about ?
Sage comes from an aromatic and medicinal plant that adorns itself with blue or pink flowers during the summer season. It is its dried leaves, called sage, that are eaten as a condiment. Originally from France, ground sage has a powerful taste of great freshness, slightly bitter and camphoric. Sold in an airtight bag, it can be stored more easily than fresh sage without losing its flavor. Used as a flavoring in many kitchens, it has been recognized for many years for its health benefits.

How to use ground sage in cooking ?
Ground sage is very easy to use in cooking and its powerful taste will complement culinary preparations made from fish or white meats: pork, poultry and veal cutlets. Widely used in Italian cuisine, sage is an essential flavoring in the preparation of osso-buco, piccata, saltimbocca or even rice minestrone. It accompanies game and eggs in all their forms without forgetting vegetables such as white beans, potatoes, polenta, risottos and soups. It can also be used in the preparation of flavored sauces, oils or vinegars to flavor salads or marinades and flavor white cheeses, yogurt and broths. Despite its slightly bitter taste, the sauce goes very well with sweet preparations such as fruity desserts with pineapple, apples, red fruits or peaches. Infused in tea, herbal tea or quite simply in cold water, it pleasantly aromatizes drinks while offering many health benefits.

The virtues of sage
Even consumed in small quantities, sage has interesting virtues for health. Very loaded with antioxidants, it prevents winter ailments, cardiovascular diseases and certain cancers. A powerful stimulant, it is even thought to have an effect on Alzheimer’s disease. Sage has a positive action on the female hormonal system: it relieves hot flashes and pains related to premenstrual syndrome

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