Coriander Ground


Coriander Ground



What is it all about ?

Coriander is a herbaceous plant from the parsley family. Its leaves can be eaten fresh as a condiment, but it is mainly its fruits (which look like seeds) that are used as a powdered spice. Ground cilantro has a delicate fragrance with citrus notes. In the mouth, it can give a slight bitterness without stinging.

How to use it ?

Cilantro is suitable for seasoning almost any food: Stir fried dishes, sauces, marinades, cold dishes such as salads … Its citrus notes go very well with recipes based on fish or chicken. This spice is also part of several blends such as ras-el-hanout, Garam Massala, Tandoori blend… and it is often associated with curry More rarely used in sweet preparations, its mild flavor can still flavor gingerbread or cake. Coriander is sometimes found in infusions, teas or liqueurs.

The virtues of Coriander ground

This spice aids digestion and helps fight bloating and intestinal spasms. It also has antioxidant, antibacterial, antiseptic and stimulating benefits to counter fatigue strokes. Coriander is also part of the so-called aphrodisiac spices.

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