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What is it about ?
Lemongrass is a large herbaceous plant native to India and tropical Asia. An essential ingredient in many Asian recipes, lemongrass powder is made from part of the stem, the rush, which is dried and crushed. Once reduced to powder, lemongrass is used as a spice under the name of “sereh”, Indonesian name. Its fresh, lemony aroma, sweeter than fresh lemongrass, goes well with most meat, fish or vegetable dishes. Also called lemon grass or aurora, it is sometimes confused with lemon verbena or lemon balm.

How to use ground lemongrass in cooking ?
Lemongrass is an essential ingredient in Thai, Indian and Vietnamese cuisine. Combined with coconut, they are the basic ingredients of many Asian dishes such as curries, shrimp satay, Thai soup … Lemongrass powder enhances soups, broths, marinades, stews, sauces or salads thanks to its fresh and lemony flavor. It accompanies recipes based on white meats, fish, shellfish and rice. On the sweet side, it can be found in sorbets, ice creams, fruit salads, pies and some pastries for its lemony scent. Lemongrass is also used to flavor drinks like tea or herbal tea.

The virtues of lemongrass
Lemongrass has many health benefits. A real household spice, it detoxifies organs such as the kidneys thanks to its diuretic action, the liver, the pancreas and the intestines with a digestive and anti-bloating action. It is also credited with soothing virtues to combat stress, anxiety and insomnia. Its anti-inflammatory and analgesic effects relieve muscle, joint and dental pain as well as many winter ailments such as the flu, fever, diarrhea and cough. Moreover, its effectiveness against mosquitoes is no longer to be proven.

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