Flax seeds


Flax seeds / Linseed from Kazakhstan



What is it about ?
Flax seeds are small, very light, generally brown with a sweet taste similar to hazelnuts and walnuts. They are loaded with protein and essential fatty acids and often used to produce a flavorful oil, flaxseed oil. These seeds are quite fragile and should be kept whole, ideally in the refrigerator to keep their flavor and appearance as long as possible.

How to use flax seeds in cooking ?
Flax seeds are eaten raw, cooked or roasted, in their whole form, crushed or ground. They are usually eaten crushed or powdered because their very hard protective shell is not digested by the digestive system. Their subtle nutty flavor goes very well with salads, dressings, raw vegetables, potato recipes or even white and red meat dishes. Flax seeds also accompany egg preparations, especially omelets. Like most seeds, they can combine with each other and be used in the preparation of some breads either in the dough or just above before baking. Flax seeds can also be added to sweet recipes such as morning cereals, yogurts, waffles, pancakes or even fruity desserts: fruit salad, compotes, jams, etc.

The virtues of flax seeds
Flax seeds are rich in lignans, proteins and fatty acids which give them many medicinal properties. Regular consumption of these small seeds lowers the risk of cancer and cardiovascular disease, cholesterol and osteoporosis. Its high fiber concentration helps fight constipation. Flax seeds are also very rich in minerals such as magnesium, chromium, and more. In addition, they contain a significant amount of antioxidants. By consuming them regularly enough, they strengthen the body. When eaten raw, roasted, or cooked after a nap, they help you wake up more easily.

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