Cumin Powder


Cumin Powder



What is it all about ?

A great classic of spices, cumin is used in most cuisines around the world. Its taste is pronounced and lively, close to anise. Cumin seeds are harvested when ripe and dried before being powdered for easy use. Cumin powder gives an intense scent, while blending with food.

How to use cumin powder in cooking ?

This spice can be used almost anywhere, in raw or cooked preparations. Cumin pairs well with carrots. It flavors all your vegetable dishes such as stir-fried dishes, tajines or Provencal tians, soups, mixed salads … And perfumes vinaigrettes “French dressings”, sauces and marinades. It also accompanies meats, fish and seafood, cold cuts, eggs and even certain cheeses such as Gouda or Munster. It is a central ingredient in many traditional recipes: hummus, falafel, chili con carne, fajitas, samosas … and it can be mixed with almost any spice without risk. As cumin has a very strong flavor, don’t hesitate to taste your preparation to adjust the quantity and achieve the ideal taste for you.

The virtues of Cumin Powder

In general, cumin improves the functioning of the digestive system: it reduces intestinal spasms, gas and heartburn. Its diuretic properties help fight high blood pressure and heart failure. Less well-known, cumin also helps promote lactation and relieve painful periods. To reap all its benefits, it is advisable to consume cumin as an infusion, or to integrate it into your daily diet.

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