Ginger Powder


Ginger Powder



What is it all about ?

Ginger is a perennial plant native to India whose roots called rhizomes are eaten as a spice. With a very recognizable fragrance, this spice has a fresh and peppery flavor with pungent citrus notes.

How to use Ginger in cooking ?

Ground ginger can be used in any recipe very easily, from starter to dessert. It can be sprinkled on meats, vegetables, fish, salads, broths, crustaceans … Traditionally present in couscous and tagines, ginger enhances sauces, marinades, dishes in sauce and vinaigrette and deliciously flavor soups, soups and veloutés. Good to know: the ginger becomes more and more spicy as it is cooked. Regarding desserts, this spice will enhance many sweet recipes such as cakes, compotes, gingerbread, cookies, muffins as well as chocolate preparations. It goes perfectly with apricots and figs. Finally, it is an excellent spice to flavor drinks, milk chocolate, fruit juices or even smoothies. It is used in the composition of many teas or herbal teas such as certain rooibos, lemon tea or chai. Ginger is also used in the preparation of several alcohols: beer, rum or mulled wine.

The virtues of Ground Ginger

Ground Ginger has many health benefits. Antioxidant and anti-inflammatory, it is rich in fiber and vitamins. It relieves nausea, vomiting and motion sickness. This spice has natural anti-inflammatory benefits, aids digestion and heartburn, and is also used to treat the flu and migraine. Excellent stimulant, it is also credited with aphrodisiac virtues.

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