Paprika Sweet 100%


Sweet Paprika 100% from Hungary



What is it about ?
Originally from Hungary, this sweet paprika is a very popular spice in cooking for its sweet and slightly spicy taste. Also known as red pepper, this dried, powdered chili is not really spicy. Indeed, he has a score of 100 on the Scoville scale. Its taste is sweet, slightly bitter and very aromatic.

How to use sweet paprika in cooking ?
Sweet paprika adorns all types of dishes with a fragrant and slightly spicy touch: stews, poultry-based recipes, in particular duck breast. This spice is used in the preparation of many traditional Hungarian recipes such as goulash, stews or even chicken dishes with paprika. Also widely used in Spanish cuisine, it accompanies many traditional dishes such as tapas, paellas … It can season fresh cheeses, cream, fish, tomatoes, onions or even avocado. It is sometimes used as a food coloring thanks to its very pronounced red color as in barbecue sauce. It is recommended to use sweet paprika rather at the end of cooking as it can take on a bitter taste if overheated.

The virtues of sweet paprika
Paprika is rich in vitamins (especially vitamin C), potassium and folic acid to fight against fatigue and mild colds. It is effective in clearing the sinuses and cleaning the pores of the skin. Like almost all spices, sweet paprika also has good digestive properties.

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