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What is it all about ?

Mace is the net (envelope) that surrounds the nutmeg. This spice with a more refined and peppery flavor than nutmeg, slightly lemony with hints of cinnamon, is widely used in sweet and savory dishes. Also called mace flower or nutmeg flower, it is bright red and then tints orange and amber colors when dried. The whole mace breaks into small pieces to be sprinkled on dishes. It is used infused in dishes in sauce or pan-fried to caramelize its fruits.

How to use mace in cooking ?

Mace is traditionally used in fine fish dishes or white meats. It is an alternative to nutmeg in all dishes: bechamel sauce, pie, quiche, mashed potatoes, eggs, rice … For dessert, it goes very well with fruit in compote, jam or pie, with caramel, vanilla or even chocolate. Mace is also used in making smoothies, infusions, teas, mixed rums, punches, pastis and mulled wine.

The virtues of Mace

Mace has digestive benefits and relieves nausea and diarrhea. It helps promote sleep and reduce respiratory problems. Like nutmeg, in high doses this euphoric, hallucinogenic spice can be toxic.

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