Galangal Powder


Galangal Powder



What is it all about ?

Galangal, also called Thai Ginger, is a rhizomatous plant native to Tropical Asia. This spice is particularly aromatic with hints of citrus, especially lemon and pepper which tends to tickle the nose. Often compared to ginger, it is however sweeter with a first sweet and mild taste as it enters your mouth to then reveal a spicy flavor.

How to use Galangal in cooking ?

The rhizome is used in soups, soups and broths, in particular traditional soups from Thailand “tom yum”, Cambodia and Indonesia. In India, it is used in the composition of many fish curries in addition to or as a replacement for ginger. It is used in fish and poultry dishes and in accompanying sauces made with sour cream, coconut or soy milk. It is very popular for flavoring marinades. It goes very well with winter vegetables such as sweet potato, parsnip, carrot, or pan-seared onion or garlic. It is also an excellent ingredient for flavoring infusions, tea, smoothies, cocktails … Galangal can replace ginger in sweet recipes, especially in desserts made with chocolate or fruit.

The virtues of Galangal

Galangal aids digestion and stimulates appetite. If consumed in large amounts, it may be irritating to the stomach. Like ginger, this rhizome is very effective in combating nausea, vomiting, motion sickness, and dizziness. A natural antiviral, this spice, known for its anti-inflammatory, analgesic, cough suppressant and antibacterial properties, is consumed to revitalize the body.

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