Cardamom Ground




What is it about ?
Produced in India, cardamom is a spice with a very powerful scent, similar to eucalyptus or bergamot but is not spicy. It is widely used in Indian and Oriental cuisine. Cardamom from the rhizomatous plant, Elettaria Cardamomun, is a green seed in which small black seeds are found. The spice being those black seeds inside which are of taste interest. Its powerful aromatic with lemony and herbaceous flavors and its peppery and minty notes can surprise without spiciness. Slightly sweet and very fresh, however, it should be used sparingly.

How to use ground cardamom in cooking ?
Used for many years in various cuisines around the world, cardamom is used mainly in the composition of sweet recipes such as pastries, crumbles, fruit salads, tartars, cakes or even dairy desserts: panacottas, hot milks, creams, ice creams, etc. This spice of Indian origin is one of the main ingredients in curries but also accompanies cold meats, fish pâtés, stuffing, omelets or even meatballs. Cardamom also has its place in the world of drinks: Turkish coffee, tea, hypocras, mulled wine, punch …

The virtues of cardamom
Thanks to 2 active ingredients: alpha-terpenyl acetate and terpene oxide, cardamom has many benefits: antispasmodic, anti-inflammatory, physical and intellectual simulant, antiseptic … Its digestive properties act against all intestinal disorders such as diarrhea, gas, colic … In addition, it neutralizes the smell of garlic and gives fresh breath. In winter, drinking a cardamom infusion helps fight colds, flu, bronchitis … especially by combining it with black pepper. Its stimulating action helps fight fatigue and stress and even improve a depressed state with a slightly euphoric effect. Widely used in South East Asia to treat infections of the teeth, throat and lungs, it is also credited with aphrodisiac and slimming properties.

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