Indian Curry Powder


A curry or curry is a generic term for a wide variety of spicy preparations. It is mainly found in Moroccan (couscous) Indian and Pakistani cuisines or influenced by them(Mauritian or Reunion cuisine for example) or in Southeast Asia (Thai cuisine).
Depending on its composition, a curry can be very sweet or very spicy, and it is usually very fragrant. It comes in powder form and is usually yellow or orange. Dishes obtained using this spice blend are also called curry.
Curry should not be confused with the “curry leaf”, one of the names of the kaloupilé leaf (Murraya koenigii) which fits into the composition of certain mixtures.



What is it all about ?

Indian curry is made from several spices: coriander, turmeric, fenugreek, hot pepper, cardamom, cloves, fennel, garlic and salt. It is the most widely consumed spice in India to flavor almost any dish. Its special flavor is very popular and its use has spread all over the world. In India, we do not speak of curry but of masala. Curry or Kari is a term for any dish in sauce.

How to use it ?

Indian curry mix is very popular for flavoring and spicing up sauces, dishes in sauce, marinades, broths, soups… It goes very well with sauces made from cream or vegetable milk (coconut, almond…) It also goes very well with vegetables, meats or fish. as the spiced chili in the mixture will enhance as it cooks, it should be added at the start of cooking for a very spicy dish and at the end for a lightly spicy dish. It can also be used as a paste made by adding a little oil to Indian curry powder.

The virtues of Indian curry

curry Indian curry has so many benefits thanks to the spices it contains. Overall, this blend contains many vitamins to support the immune system and aid digestion.

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