Fennel Seeds or Ground ?



What is it all about ?

Fennel seeds can be used as such or ground. Whole seeds have a more subtle and diffuse flavor. They can be enjoyed plain or grilled in a pan with a touch of salt. They are also used in dishes with infused sauces. Ground fennel has a more intense taste and makes it easier to dose your dishes.

How to use Fennel ?

Fennel is often used in summer cooking because of its pronounced aniseed aroma. It accompanies salads, raw vegetables, cold soups … It is often cooked with white fish or poultry. Fennel seeds go well with cheeses, especially fresh cheeses. More rarely associated with sweet cuisine, fennel can be eaten at the end of a meal lightly candied in sugar or as an accompaniment to chocolate. Finally, it can be infused in teas, herbal teas or in alcoholic beverages such as wormwood and pastis.

The virtues of Fennel in seed or powder

Fennel is well known for its digestive properties, it fights against bloating, stomach aches and intestinal cramps. It also calms baby’s colic, eases period pain and stimulates lactation. These anti-inflammatory and antibacterial properties help fight asthma and respiratory tract infections.

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