Kampot Pepper Mix


Kampot Pepper Mix

Net weight 50g

Bag 150g



What is it all about ?
Traditionally and organically grown, Kampot pepper comes from the Kampot province in Cambodia. Each grain is hand selected to offer an exceptional taste in the mouth. It is the first pepper in the world to have received the PGI (Protected Geographical Indication) designation.
This blend of white, red and black Kampot peppers brings together the flavour of each colour: spicy, floral and fresh.

Composition of the blend :
• Kampot black pepper with notes of Eucalyptus and fresh mint
• Red Kampot pepper with floral and lemony nuances
• White Kampot pepper with citrus and undergrowth aromas

How to use Kampot pepper mix in cooking ?
The mix of the 3 colours makes it a very refined and subtle pepper that can be used everywhere. It goes wonderfully well with meat, fatty fish, starches and chocolate.
The diversity of its flavours and its incredible duration in the mouth bring an intense and unique taste to all culinary preparations: salads, dishes in sauce and even desserts.

The virtues ofKampot pepper mix
Pepper contains piperine which has many recognised health benefits: digestive, anti-inflammatory, antibacterial, etc.

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Bag 150g, Tube

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