Oregano Leaves


Oregano Leaves From Turkey



What is it about ?
Oregano is an intense flavoring aromatic widely used in Italian cuisine. Often confused with marjoram, it is sometimes referred to as wild marjoram, adding to the confusion. Often associated with thyme and basil, it has a powerful aroma and slightly peppery and bitter notes. Originally from Turkey, oregano sold here is made from the dried leaves. Its flavor is more powerful than fresh herbs, so it should be used sparingly.

How to use dried oregano leaves in cooking ?
Oregano is the essential flavoring of pizzas. It is used both in the preparation of the sauce and directly in the pizza dough. Its subtly sweet notes are very appreciated in all tomato-based preparations: coulis or tomato sauce, stuffed tomatoes, hot or cold soup … Dried oregano leaves are a pleasant fragrance for grilled meats, marinades and soups, giving them a Mediterranean flavor. This flavoring accompanies preparations made with eggs, mozzarella, cream, as well as in all crudités salads or directly in vinaigrette. Oregano is one of the ingredients in the herbs de Provence blend and it goes very well with stews, white meats, fillings, soups or cold meats.

The virtues of oregano
Oregano has many antiseptic, cough suppressants, anti-inflammatory and digestive benefits. It is effective in the fight against fever, colds, asthma, migraine, influenza and bronchitis thanks to its expectorant, analgesic and analgesic properties. Oregano aids digestion, relieves stomach upset such as bloating, cramps and colic. Rich in vitamin K and E, iron, calcium, manganese, it is a powerful stimulant in general fatigue, anxiety and stress.

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