Fancy Peppercorns


Mixture of fancy peppercorns



What is it about ?
The Fantasy blend is composed of black pepper, white pepper and pink berries. (from Thailand and Brazil) Aromatic and slightly spicy, this blend of peppers and berry grains adds flavor and season to any dish. Also called 3-berry blend, the Fantasy blend brings all the power of black pepper combined with the fruity aromas of white pepper as well as the sweetness and sweetness of pink peppercorns.

How to use Fancy Pepper Mix ?
The Fancy Pepper Blend can be used as a whole grain, coarsely crushed, or even ground using a grinder. It goes very easily with any dish and is often used to season meats and fish. It pleasantly enhances the fillings and pâtés thanks to its aromatic power. Add at the end of cooking to keep all its aromas, the mixture of black pepper, white pepper and pink berries, to flavor marinades and sauces. If you like its spicy side, the Fantasy mixture can also accompany vegetable dishes, pasta gratins, potatoes, eggs … This 3-color mixture is also used to decorate the plates with its black, white and pink berries.

The virtues of the Fantasy pepper blend
Pepper is an excellent digestive. It increases the production of saliva to limit bloating, constipation and nausea. Find all the benefits of the Fantasy pepper mixture in grains by consulting the pages of peppers and berries that compose it: black pepper, white pepper, pink peppercorns (make a link with the pages of the site)

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