Dill seeds


Dill seeds from Thailand



What is it about ?
Dill is a plant widely used in North European cuisine. Its leaves and seeds are condiments and are used in the same way in cooking. Dill seeds have a slightly more pronounced taste than the leaves. Also nicknamed false anise or bastard fennel, dill has a tangy, anise flavor and its scent is close to fennel and caraway with a touch of mint. The flowers of dill are a popular nectar for bees. In Sicily, an excellent and renowned dill honey is produced.

How to use grain dill in cooking ?
Dill seeds are used whole or crushed as a condiment. By crushing them, they release more flavor to give a more pronounced flavor to the dish. Widely used in Eastern and Northern European kitchens, Dill is used in many recipes. Its anise flavor goes perfectly with most fish, especially white and fatty fish such as salmon, herring, sea bream or sea bass. This condiment is suitable for all types of cooking: steamed, broth, grilled or smoked Dill also accompanies salads especially with potatoes, beets, cucumbers and pickles. It is found in meat preparations such as meatballs, blanquettes, marinades … as well as in sauces, breads and egg-based recipes. Dill brings an original flavor to white cheeses, jams, compotes or even in certain pastries. Dill seeds pleasantly perfume infusions, teas or alcohols to give them an anise flavor.

The virtues of Dill
Digestive, calming, appetite suppressant, dill has many virtues thanks to its composition rich in magnesium, calcium, iron, vitamin C, potassium and sodium. To unleash all their benefits, it is recommended to chew a few seeds or make infusions with crushed dill seeds. In case of stomach problems with aerophagia or abdominal pain, Dill aids digestion and makes meals less heavy. Surprisingly enough, Dill is said to be effective in stopping hiccups as well as coughs. Regular consumption of Dill helps fight diseases related to aging thanks to its antioxidant effects, it also relieves painful periods and muscle spasms or cramps. Dill seeds are very effective against bad breath, they help you fall asleep and reduce insomnia.

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