Celery Seeds Ground


Celery ground seeds from France



What is it about ?
Cultivated mainly in Europe, celery is an aromatic and vegetable plant: its leaves are used as a condiment, the tuberous root as a vegetable and its seeds as spices. Ground celery is widely consumed by the French, especially associated with salt under the name of “celery salt”. To make it yourself, just mix the same amount of ground celery as salt and pass the mixture through a mill or mortar. Its seeds, with flavors quite similar to fennel seeds, have a very pronounced smell and a bitter taste that is similar to parsley or nutmeg.

How to use ground celery seeds in cooking ?
Celery seeds are used in the preparation of many winter dishes such as pot au feu, court bouillon, stew, soup or vegetable soup. They can even replace salt to limit sodium intake and can be used in bread making. Its bitter flavor enhances fish or meat dishes, marinated mussels, cauliflower-based preparations, gratins and even salads. Ground celery is an ingredient in tomato juice and Bloody Mary, and there are even celery liqueurs. It can also be used as an infusion for its medicinal properties.

The virtues of celery seeds
Celery seeds have many health benefits: antirheumatic, anti-inflammatory, antibacterial … Its diuretic properties help fight against hypertension and cardiovascular diseases. The antioxidants and polyacetylenes in celery are believed to help prevent cancer and lower cholesterol. Its high concentration of vitamin E, potassium and zinc would have an aphrodisiac effect, especially for men. Be careful, however, its great diuretic power could interact with certain drugs.

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