Tube of Chili Powder

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What is it all about ?
The sweet pepper is aptly named as it is one of the mildest peppers. Slightly stronger than paprika, this spice can be used to subtly spice up any dish while adding flavour.

The chili is a pod with many seeds inside. The most widely cooked spice in the world, chillies come in a dozen varieties with differences in shape, taste, colour, strength and heat.

Chili coarse or powder ?
Once harvested, sweet chili is dried and then ground for use in your dishes.
Ground chili is easier to incorporate during cooking.
Coarse chili are the result of crushed dried chilies. It is used in the same way as ground chili pepper, where it can be sprinkled on at the end of cooking.

How to use sweet chili in cooking ?
The sweet pepper will accompany all your recipes thanks to its pleasant aroma without pungency.
Mainly used with red meat, poultry and fish, it goes well with everything: soups, dishes in sauce, quiches and sautéed vegetables.
For people less used to the spicy taste, it can be used in place of stronger peppers in your preparations.

The virtues of Chili
Rich in vitamins A and C, sweet pepper also contains vitamin E, B9 and potassium.
Its anti-inflammatory effects help to relieve arthritis and sciatica.
Often wrongly accused of digestive problems, sweet pepper has a positive effect on your stomach by helping it to assimilate food.

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