Yellow Mustard Ground


Yellow Mustard from Nepal



What is it about  ?

The ground yellow mustard sold here is native to India. Also known as the name white mustard, Sénevé or Sanve, yellow mustard seeds are grown from the herbaceous plant Sinapis alba. Harvested before maturity, the pale yellow or ocher mustard seeds are put to dry then reduced to powder and packaged in an airtight bag for better conservation. 3rd most used spice in the world after salt and pepper, it has a very spicy characteristic and a slightly bitter and sweet flavor similar to pine nuts.

 How to use yellow mustard ?

Yellow mustard powder is mainly used to flavor dishes and it also facilitates culinary preparations thanks to its properties: – Thickening when sprinkled in a sauce – Softeners to counter acid preparations – Emulsifiers especially in salad dressings to bind oil and vinegar. Ground yellow mustard can be sprinkled on all meats (beef, pork, duck, chicken) at the end of cooking to replace the traditional condiment of the same name. This spice pleasantly enhances all recipes based on fish, lentils or stir-fried vegetables.

The virtues of yellow mustard

Mustard seeds are rich in mineral nutrients: calcium, iron, magnesium, manganese and copper. They contain a large number of vitamins: B9, B2, B6, A, C, E and K They have many antiseptic, digestive and antioxidant benefits.

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