Juniper Berries


Jeniper Berries of France



What is it about  ?

Juniper berries are mainly known for their use in the preparation of sauerkraut and marinades. However, they are used in many recipes as well and also in the manufacture of alcohol and liquor. Juniper is the only conifer that produces a spice: juniper berries, which are found in reality of cones. Its berries can take up to 3 years to ripen and turn blue-black, when they are picked. Their resin and geraniol content gives them the scent of a coniferous forest with woody, resinous and floral notes. Its aroma is full-bodied, bittersweet with a slight spiciness. peppery and its subtly sweet taste.

 How to use Jeniper berries in cooking ?

Traditional sauerkraut spices, juniper berries also flavor country terrines thanks to its tangy flavor. They are used in marinades, stews, stuffings, pâtés … They go very well with game or fatty meats by reducing their strong flavors. Its acidic notes pleasantly enhance white meats and fish. Their flavor being very volatile, they are used whole or crushed just before use to deliver their scent. Juniper berries can also flavor some sweet recipes such as Christmas cookies, redcurrant jelly or even quince dough. Finally, they enter into the composition of alcohol or liquor, in particular Gin, aquavit, some beers or just the juniper alcohol

The virtues of Jeniper berries

Juniper berries have many health benefits. They are known for their digestive, stomachic, diuretic, anti-rheumatic and antiseptics. They also provide relief from urinary tract infections, bloating, and even arthritis.

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