Sesame Black seeds


Black Sesame Seeds from Thailand



What is it about ?
Black sesame, produced in Thailand, is a different variety from classic sesame whose seeds are naturally black. Black sesame seeds have a more intense and more pronounced nutty flavor than its blonde or white cousins. Widely used in Asian and especially Japanese cuisine, black sesame brings originality and a unique flavor to all culinary preparations. Rarer than blond or white sesame, this cereal is even richer in nutrients.

How to use black sesame in cooking ?
Like white sesame, black sesame can be eaten raw or cooked and its crunchiness is very popular especially in salads. Easy to combine, it can be used in all preparations, both salty and sweet, for both taste and decoration. They are found in meat, fish, seafood, vegetable dishes and in a large number of potato-based recipes. In sweet recipes, black sesame is appreciated for its nutty flavor and black color, as in pastries, ice creams, crème brûlées as well as in the preparation of cookies and oriental sweets.

The virtues of black sesame
Like its cousin white sesame, black sesame is a superfood thanks to its composition rich in vitamins, minerals and fiber. The consumption of black sesame seeds facilitates the work of the intestines and relieves digestive pain. Powerful anti-inflammatory, it helps fight joint pain and rheumatism. Its high content of lignans helps regulate cholesterol and lowers blood pressure. Beyond its nutritional virtues, black sesame would also have a positive effect on the skin and hair.

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