Salted Sacha Inchi nuts


Salted Sacha Inchi nuts 50g from Laos



What is it about ?
The Sacha Inchi nut, also called the Inca peanut or mountain peanut, comes from a liana giving fruits quite similar visually to the anise flower. The nuts contained in these flowers are roasted and then salted to offer a taste similar to peanuts and sesame with an almond note. The salted organic Sacha Inchi nuts sold here come from small producers on the Bolovens plateau in Laos. These nuts, without allergens, have a very high concentration of omega 3 and proteins. They are consumed as a replacement for peanuts, pistachios and cashews for a healthier and balanced appetizer.

How to consume Sacha Inchi nuts in the kitchen ?
Sacha Inchi nuts are ideal for an aperitif. Their high concentration of fatty acids and complete proteins satisfy small appetites while providing taste originality. They also replace peanuts in chicken, pork or beef dishes. Sacha Inchi nuts go very well with curry or coconut milk and can accompany a recipe with plantains or seafood such as shrimp or tuna. Easy to use, they are a delicious garnish for crudités salads, cakes, quiches, soups or spring rolls to add crunch. Sacha Inchi nuts can replace peanuts in the preparation of desserts or decorate ice creams, chocolate rocks.

The virtues of the Sacha Inchi nut
Sacha Inchi seed is rich in vitamins A and E. It is completely allergen-free and assimilates very easily.

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