Sacha Inchi Powder


Sacha Inchi Powder 250g from Laos



What is it about ?

This powder is produced by cold pressing Sacha Inchi seeds, thus retaining all of their nutrients without adding any additives or preservatives. The seeds of Sacha Inchi meaning “seeds of the people” in Quéchua, have many nutritional properties and have a taste similar to peanuts, sesame with sweet notes of almond. Sacha Inchi powder is the result of a traditional process: the nuts are shelled, roasted, peeled and then crushed to obtain a very fine powder. Sold in an airtight bag to preserve its aromas, Sacha Inchi powder is produced by small farmers on the Bolovens plateau in Laos.

How to use Sacha Inchi powder in cooking ?

Sacha Inchi powder is very fine and mixes easily with all sweet or savory preparations. It is used in the same way as powders of almonds, hazelnuts, coconut. It can even replace them to bring originality to pastries such as cakes, brownies, cookies, macaroons, pies, ice cream … Sacha Inchi powder blends very well with liquids such as milkshakes, smoothies and yogurts. On the salty side, this powder season vinaigrettes or salads.

 The virtues of Sacha Inchi powder

Rich in omega-3 and omega-6, Sacha Inchi seeds are easily digested thanks to their high protein content. They also contain many minerals: vitamin A and E, potassium, zinc, calcium offering many health benefits: anti-inflammatory, muscle support, anti-cholesterol, appetite suppressant…

Additional information

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