Salted Sacha Inchi nuts Tomyum flavor


Salted Sacha Inchi nuts Tomyum flavor 50g from Laos



What is it about ?
Tom Yum flavored roasted Sacha Inchi nuts are cultivated by small producers on the Bolovens plateau in Laos. Once harvested, Sacha Inchi nuts are shelled, sorted and then roasted to retain all their nutritional properties. They are then separated from their brown film and seasoned with a Tom Yam spice blend giving the nut a powerful, slightly spicy and sour taste. Tom Yum or Tom Yam is a very popular soup in Thailand, made with a base of vegetables and the following spices: lemongrass, lime, galangal, Thai chili and kaffir lime leaves. These roasted Sacha Inchi nuts are without additives or preservatives.

How to consume roasted Sacha Inchi nuts Tom Yum flavor in cooking ?
Its taste, similar to peanuts and sesame, enhanced by Tom Yum spices, gives these nuts an original and slightly spicy fragrance. As a replacement for traditional peanuts or pistachios, grilled Sacha Inchi nuts will bring a spicy flavor to aperitifs or brunches. They can also be eaten as a healthy snack between 2 meals. Their spicy taste goes perfectly with white rice, salads or fried vegetables. Sacha Inchi Nuts with Tom Yum Spice Blends go great with lemon in casseroles or in lemongrass sauce.

The virtues of roasted Sacha Inchi nuts Tom Yum flavor
Rich in vitamin A and E, omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids, these roasted nuts are considered super foods and have many health benefits: anti-cholesterol, anti-inflammatory, blood pressure regulator …

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