Sacha Inchi butter


Sacha Inchi Butter 250g from Laos



What is it about ?
Sacha Inchi butter is made with only Sacha Inchi seeds and a pinch of salt. It does not contain any peanuts or preservatives. Concentrated with natural proteins, this vegetable butter has great nutritional and taste qualities. It contains no cholesterol or sugar and its texture is similar to almond butter Similar to peanut butter in taste, it is distinguished by a characteristic vegetal taste and subtle aromas of sesame and almond. The Sacha Inchi butter in a 250g jar sold here is produced in Laos.

How to use Sacha Inchi butter in cooking ?
Sacha Inchi butter can be eaten alone on toast or integrated into a culinary preparation. It can replace classic butter in sweet recipes to add a subtle peanut and almond flavor. Thanks to its high protein content, it makes it easier to be satiated while providing energy. Sacha Inchi butter brings consistency and an original flavor to smoothies and it goes very well with fruits, muesli or cottage cheese. In savory preparations, this butter can replace peanut butter.

The virtues of Sacha Inchi butter
Naturally rich in Omega-3s, Sacha Inchi butter is excellent for health as well as for improving memory, reducing food cravings, facilitating weight loss and improving overall mood. The many proteins contained in this butter help the renewal of muscles as well as the skin. The many minerals present in this vegetable butter help fight high blood pressure, certain cancers, type 2 diabetes and cardiovascular disease.

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