Rosemary Leaves


Rosemary leaves from Turkey



What is it about ?
Rosemary, also called Encensier or Rose-Marine, is an aromatic shrub with leaves similar to small needles. Its woody, slightly minty aromas with a hint of spiciness and bitterness bring great freshness to all culinary preparations. A great classic of Mediterranean cuisine, this herb with a camphoric scent, native to Turkey, is sold in airtight sachets of dried leaves to preserve its aromas. A honey plant, it produces rosemary honey also called Narbonne honey. Amber in color, this excellent quality honey has a very strong and much appreciated fragrance.

How to use dried rosemary in cooking ?
Rosemary, like most aromatic herbs, can be used anywhere and even in sweet preparations. Very resistant to cooking, it can be added as an infusion in stews, ratatouilles, soups or in sauces. However, the seasoning must be adjusted because it has salty properties. Rosemary leaves are widely used in the preparation of marinades and in seasoning grilled meats. It can also flavor fish, rice, dishes made with sundried or grilled tomatoes. On the sweet side, infused rosemary is a delicious accompaniment to flanks, jams, creams, ice creams, pies, and to give originality to desserts. It also goes very well with cinnamon and dark chocolate.

The virtues of rosemary
Rosemary is an aromatic herb with many benefits: antibacterial, antimycotic, antispasmodic and digestive. This aromatic also has stimulating properties and is effective in combating temporary fatigue, stress and anxiety.