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Matsaman from Thailand



What is it about ?
The massaman or matsaman blend is a Thai curry of Indian origin made from black pepper, fennel, paprika, anise, cardamom, cilantro, turmeric, chili, cinnamon and salt. Lightly spicy and very fragrant, the Massaman spice blend is popular with Thai food lovers for its sweet flavors and ease of use. This blend, often called massaman curry, refers to a Thai spice blend of Muslim tradition. Indeed, the word “massaman” or “matsaman” would mean Muslim in Persian. Usually eaten as a Massaman curry paste, the Massaman spice blend sold here is powdered to make it easier to adjust the degree of spice and heat.

How do you use powdered Massaman spice blend in cooking ?
The massaman spice blend is traditionally used in chicken dishes. It is possible to replace it with duck, beef, mutton, goat but rarely with pork given its Muslim origins. There are even vegetarian and vegan versions of this dish. Massaman curry is a simmered dish made with chicken, potatoes and coconut milk or cream. It can sometimes be accompanied by cashews, onions, Nuoc-mâm sauce and chili. The massaman spice powder does not support strong cooking, it is generally incorporated into the sauce or sprinkle at the end of the preparation.

The virtues of the massaman spice blend
The spices contained in the massaman mixture have many health benefits: antioxidant, antispasmodic, digestive … To find out all the virtues of Massaman curry, see the pages dedicated to each one: black pepper, fennel, paprika, anise, cardamom, coriander, turmeric, chili, cinnamon (link each page of spices)

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