Bay Leaves


Bay Leaves from India



What is it about ?
Laurel is an aromatic plant very popular in Mediterranean cuisine. Native to India, the bay leaves sold here are harvested and then dried to retain all their fresh, minty and spicy aroma. Its slightly bitter flavor is reminiscent of cloves and pleasantly enhances all salty preparations.

How to use bay leaves in cooking ?
Very widespread in European cuisine, especially French cuisine, bay leaf is a condiment that goes everywhere. It is found in stewed meat or fish dishes, in court bouillons, stews, sauces. Its rather subtle taste allows it to accompany any food, be it seafood, foie gras, game, eggs, snails and all starchy foods. It goes particularly well with vegetable-based dishes such as ratatouille or Provençal tian as well as sauces, especially with tomatoes. It is an essential ingredient with the thyme of the traditional bouquet garni and thus perfumes many dishes or sauces. Bay leaves make delicious infusions and can even flavor salt or coffee.

The virtues of laurel
Consumption of bay leaf brings many health benefits. Its antiseptic, digestive, diuretic and antioxidant effects are a good reason to add bay leaves in culinary preparations. Laurel helps fight abdominal cramps, spasms and bloating while facilitating digestion. The vegetable essence contained in its leaves is known to relieve infectious pain, colds, flu as well as rheumatism and joint pain.

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