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Cajun spice blend from USA



What is it about ?
The Cajun spice blend is great for getting started with spicy cooking. Its characteristic taste and light spiciness perfume all savory dishes without false note. Originally from the United States, the mixture sold here is composed of 9 spices: thyme, oregano, cumin, pink onion, garlic, paprika, black pepper, mustard seeds and hot pepper. For the record, the Cajun blend was created by French people from Nova Scotia deported to Louisiana for refusing to swear allegiance to the British crown. This mixture, with multiple origins, is used in several traditional Louisiana dishes such as stews (Gumbo) and rice dishes (Jambalaya).

How to use Cajun mix in cooking ?
The Cajun spice blend goes very well with any savory dish. It highlights recipes based on shellfish such as potatoes, meats, fish and all vegetables. Cajun seasoning is a pleasant flavoring of sauces, broths, marinades or grills. To make a typical Louisiana recipe, simply add this spice blend to a pan of vegetables, accompanied by small pieces of pineapple. The hot pepper in the mixture allows you to adjust the spiciness depending on whether it is raw, weakly or very cooked. By adding the Cajun mixture at the end of cooking or in salads, dishes are more spicy, while using this mixture at the beginning of cooking, the spiciness will be softened.

The virtues of the Cajun blend
The Cajun blend has many health benefits thanks to the presence of aromatics and spices in its composition. Like most spices, this blend is rich in minerals like iron, magnesium or copper. It also has digestive, expectorant, diuretic, antibacterial and antiseptic properties.

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