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Vegetable spice blend



What is it about ?
This vegetable mix is ​​composed of aromatic herbs and spices to spice up vegetables in all their forms: steamed, pan-fried, grilled, gratin. Simple and quick to use, it season all vegetable-based dishes with or without potatoes, pasta, rice. Composed of garlic, basil, cilantro, turmeric and cumin, this blend provides a fresh and spicy flavor without being stinging.

How to use vegetable spice blend in cooking ?
Ideally used at the end of cooking, this spice blend will enhance the taste of vegetables in most savory preparations: soup, pan-fried, wok, tian, flan, quiche, plancha … It can also flavor starchy foods: pasta, rice, semolina or even potatoes. For a more balanced diet, vegetable spice blend can replace butter or oil when steaming vegetables. This mix goes very well with cream sauces or salad dressings. It also flavors vegetable marinades made with olive oil. Even if this mixture is intended primarily for vegetable dishes, its spicy flavor can flavor a dish of fish or poultry to give them an original taste.

The virtues of the vegetable spice blend.
Like the aromatic herbs and spices that compose it, the vegetable spice blend has many health benefits: digestive, anti-inflammatory and stimulant. To find out more, consult each of the spices and herbs that compose it: garlic, basil, coriander, turmeric and cumin.

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