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What is it about ?
The meat spice blend offers surprising flavors thanks to its combination of salt, sugar, spices and aromatic herbs. Both sweet and mild, spicy and salty, the meat spice blend subtly spices up all meats. Rather close to the mixture of the trapper of Quebec origin, it has a more spicy side thanks to the presence of chilli. With its warm notes of paprika and perfectly balanced aromatic herbs, its use in cooking is very easy. The meat spice blend sold here is made from sugar, salt, paprika, chili, garlic, onion, cumin and oregano.

How do you use the meat spice blend in cooking ?
Ideal seasoning for all red meats or poultry, it works well with all cooking methods: grilled, stewed, in the pan, on the barbecue or even in a marinade. By sprinkling it on beef, duck, game, turkey, it brings sweetness and spiciness to traditional recipes. Usually eaten with meat, this spice blend goes very well with fish, seafood and egg preparations. It perfumes pork ribs or pan-fried foie gras with its sweet and slightly spicy aromas. Its sweet and savory side also sublimates creams, sauces, pies and quiches and enhances the taste of fried vegetables, especially with potatoes.

The virtues of the spice blend for meat
Composed of spices and aromatic herbs, this blend has many health benefits. Consult the pages of the spices which compose it to know their virtues: paprika, pepper, garlic, onion, cumin and oregano (link to the pages of the site)

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