Thyme leaves


Thyme leaves from Egypt



What is it about ?
Thyme is an essential flavoring in Mediterranean cuisine. There are over 300 varieties of thyme with slightly different mint and lemon flavors depending on the species. According to some linguists, the word thyme comes from Tham, in Egyptian, designating a plant used to embalm the dead. This aromatic is part of several spice blends such as bouquet garni, zaatar, crazy salt or even Egyptian Dukka. The dried leaf thyme, sold here, comes from Egypt. It is kept in sheets in an airtight bag to preserve its aromas over the long term.

How to use dried thyme in cooking ?
Thyme is traditionally used in Provencal cuisine: ratatouille, salad, tian, fried vegetables … Its lemony and slightly minty flavor can accompany any dish. It goes particularly well with tomatoes in all their forms: fresh, cooked, dried, stuffed… and with goat cheese. Dried thyme leaves enhances simmered dishes such as stew, stew bourguignon, tagines … As an infusion, it season marinades, dressings, oil or vinegar. It deliciously flavors grilled meats and cold meats. Less common, thyme can also be used in fruity desserts such as pies, fruit salad, jams, compotes or sorbet.

The virtues of thyme
Thyme is an herb widely used to treat colds or sore throats, especially in infusion with lemon or honey for its expectorant and antiviral properties. It also has stimulating, digestive, anti-infectious, antifungal, antibacterial and respiratory properties.