Lavender flowers tea


Lavender flowers for infusion from France



What is it about ?

Lavender has a well-known scent that makes it popular in cosmetics: soap, bath salt, massage oil, etc. It is also consumed in tea or herbal tea for its flowery flavor and its many health benefits. Originally from France, the dried lavender flowers, sold here, are 100% natural and pure to retain their fresh and lively aromas. Lavender flower tea is refreshing and floral. Eaten hot or cold, it has a slight minty note. Lavender tea has been used for centuries in traditional medicine to boost mood and enhance calm.

How to use lavender flowers in the kitchen ?

To make a tea or an infusion, the dried lavender flowers, rich in essential oil, are to be infused in hot water. A teaspoon in a cup of water between 90 ° C and 100 ° C for ten minutes allows you to benefit from all its benefits and its floral flavor. The infusion can be consumed hot or cold and even stored in the refrigerator. Lavender flowers can also be used as an inhalation or massage oil.

The virtues of lavender

Lavender helps strengthen the immune system thanks to its concentration of vitamins A and C and calcium. Like chamomile, it has calming properties and makes it easier to fall asleep if consumed at night. In addition to its digestive, antioxidant and respiratory properties, it helps reduce muscle spasms and headaches.

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